Near Death Experience (???)

Ok the title is very hyperbolic, i know, but what I'm going to share with you is one reflection of what happened 2 nights ago while i w...

Ok the title is very hyperbolic, i know, but what I'm going to share with you is one reflection of what happened 2 nights ago while i was driving home. 

My friend, TF, came to visit the town while he was in a business meeting, so we decided to gather round, eating out and having a nice Saturday night with the folks. I drove him home around 9 PM and I went home. As usual, I put my boyfriend on my car speaker while I was driving because listening him babbling about his job is 100x better than the local radio, and usually I sang or whatnot, but I'm not. I was kind of focused on driving.

The main road was filled with heavy traffic so I decided to take an alternative route--which I take almost everyday. This alternative road was dimly lit (i guess it's budget cuts on electricity) and yet was very empty. There are only a few motorbike ahead of me and not a lot of car. Then there's this one motorbike with two person on it that carried a 3kg liquified petroleum gas cylinder whom was around 10 meters in front of my car. Now, this is a regular view in my town since 3kg gas cylinder is common for household needs, but this bike, instead of carrying it by hand, he decided to put the gas under his feet. And you know what, the gas cylinder rolled out of the bike, straight into the road and into my car.

I hit my brake hard, I screamed, a few bikes behind me hit the rear of my car. I almost threw up my dinner and my boyfriend, who was on the other side of the phone heard my scream and the sound of my car being hit. I open my window and found out that the gas is only 5 centimeters away from my tire which means if I was late hitting my brake for a few seconds, I could hit the gas, and something even more worse could happened. there could be an explosion. 

sadly the bikes that hit my car and the bike who were neglect to secure their gas cylinders were all running away. and i was left shaken in the middle of the road unable to drive. 

I stopped along the way because my asthma came back, rendered me unfazed and shaken beyond recognition. My boyfriend called my brother right away telling me that i have been in an accident. In a matter of minutes, everyone starts checking up on me. Then I went and telling this to my social media friends as a kind reminder of why you should secure everything you put on your bike. 

If only i was a second late; there might been casualties. 
I might've died.
People who ride near me might died and injured. 

As I am still too weak to drive my car right now--maybe I got a PTSD or maybe i'm just being a drama queen, but seriously I'm still scared and tremble every time I tried to drive my car-- I took this time to personally reflect on my life. 

after all, writing is the best healer for souls.

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