Stuff We Think on the Toilet #005: Loneliness Kills

Have you ever had a salmonellosis? Apparently I just got one. I had to refrain from eating frozen foods, food from any food booth and food ...

Have you ever had a salmonellosis? Apparently I just got one. I had to refrain from eating frozen foods, food from any food booth and food stalls and had to cook my own food in order to recover. And what's more sad than eating your lousy cooking whenever you hang out with your friends in the campus? 

Okay, so salmonellosis aside, I was forced to rest when my bowel movement can't handle my swag and my fever hasn't gone down in days. So, what did you do when your stomach fails you? You stay at home, you drink a lot of water, and you go on facebook.

Why facebook? Because, my dear, facebook is the source of all my misdeeds, misinformations, and misbehaving. I often traveled from one page to another in search of human stupidity (although my own account was a living proof that stupidity does exists) and sometimes I ended up in a very entertaining page about anti-vaccine movement, another day I ended up in this weird facebook groups about Anatidaephobia (I said weird because they posts tons of picture of ducks while being a support groups for duck phobia)

So what kind of page did I find today? 

It's an Indonesian page, which written in an improper kind of Indonesian language ("for F sake, please use a goddamn punctuation mark" - says my best friend, D, after I show him the page) but still very informative and yet, entertaining. It's a page about Handsome Police Member & Handsome Army Member.....Impersonation. To put it simply, it is a page about catfish. (the link is here, but the page is in Indonesian, and viewer discretion is advised because there were some nudities involved although most were censored)

I rarely heard about Indonesian online catfish, although catfishing were one of the topic I covered from my old blog that has been deleted. In Ghana, the catfish/scammer use some kind of juju magic called the Sakawa so that their presumed victims will not caught on to their scheme. In Indonesia we acknowledged an almost similar kind of black magic called pengasihan or pelet. 

I never thought that someday, like the Sakawa, the pelet will also go online on facebook. In the form of fake accounts with handsome policemen photos uploaded. Seriously, these accounts were so fake that you could detect its fakeness just by glancing at their profile, I mean, aside from human stupidity, what kind of reason could cause this kind of madness?

the truth is this scammer, just like the Sakawa, preys on the lonely women (unfortunately, the age demographic of 30-50 were affected the most), which usually were indonesian who works abroad as household workers (a.k.a TKW), divorced woman looking for a love interest, or even a scorned and lonely housewives. 

I saw naive women who were bluntly lured by sweet praises which might or might not came from a guy that was a loser, barely has money and trying to scam the bucks away. They hide behind a fake profile picture--which I had to admit, was very representative to blow your ovary away. I saw women who wire huge amount of money (there's one that wire close to 100 million rupiah which was a huge sum coming from a household worker). But admittedly what made me really sad is these women actually hope to meet their prince charming someday, and will do anything for the scammer including posting compromised pictures!

What in the world was happening. I saw a woman who already had a teenage son putting up 'married' status in facebook with one of the fake account. The marriage never happened. She lost 65 million rupiah and i can't imagine what happened to her son. 

Truth to be told, it's terrifying how they got fooled so easily, over and over again, with the same scheme to wire their money. It's terrifying how an empowered woman could lose so easily to loneliness. All they wanted to have is someone who loves them and showered them with affection, and they found it in facebook. but sometimes, their greed blinds them from actually realizing that everything is too good to be true. Maybe the biggest blessings to humanity nowadays is indeed an awareness.

We all are social animals. That I can't argue. But were our animalistic instinct that intense so we actually yield to loneliness and let ourselves fooled by these scammer?

There's six billions of people in this planet. A countless stars up above our head. Yet we still found an excuse to be lonely. Maybe it's just my naivety or there's actually a different meaning to lonely in these situation? Or maybe lonely was a term for sexual needs. Who knows. (In which, my best friend, D, will shout out loud, "ladies, you have a brain! control your vajayjay!"). 

Loneliness will kill you. 
So don't let it seek you.

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