Saturday Night is Awesome!! -- or not.

Being in a Long Distance Relationship with a vet with a clinic apprenticeship means two things: a. he's very busy and work in long hour...

Being in a Long Distance Relationship with a vet with a clinic apprenticeship means two things: a. he's very busy and work in long hours in a place that is super faraway and b. he will NEVER be available for Saturday night. I really want to slap myself in the face as hard as I could for signing up for this. It's not awesome being away, it's not awesome being left out, it's not awesome that he's always working and it's not awesome I got to be on my own on Saturday night.
Far before I was feyonce--get it? feyonce, lol-- Saturday night means going out with my friends until ungodly hours. This ugly duckling will start eating at 5PM, coffee at 7PM, and then hit whatever we can hit at 10PM. Usually this involved a gang of drunken assholes and a hordes of chatty ladies. And now, this is the behavior my fiance hates the most and asked me countlessly to reffrain. 

He's far! just secretly do it! Says a dozen of people already. Well, what good would I gain from such thing? In fact, if I get caught on doing it, it will caused a rift on something that's already vulnerable enough. 

So just do coffee! Don't hit anything! Go home before 10! That, my friend, is not the essence. They call it "malam panjang" (long night --translation) because it doesn't last before 10 PM. 

You're just finding a reason to have reckless fun with your friend! Now this, I understand where this is coming from, but when he was here, I'm taking him with me so he can see me and control my behavior. Now that he is faraway, I don't want any kind of trust issues risen, and this is one of those relationship that I'm not willing to give up or let go just because I want some little fun on the side.

So I listed things that I could do for Saturday night. Sometimes alone in my room, sometimes somewhere else:

1. Deep Relaxation

I love aromatherapy and massage, so this works really well with me. Sometimes I spray my room with lavender scent (because my super paranoid dad kind of banned the usage of candles inside the bedroom) and just sit or sleep, relax while watching tv shows, reading some books, or just do anything to isolated myself from the hustle and bustle that is my home. If I have money (which I usually don't) I will treat myself to an evening in a spa or reflexology parlor to recharge my energy. After that I will just head home and sleep. My current home here is a starter home so I don't have bath tubs with water heater, but soak up your entire body in warm water helps your mind to relax a bit. And don't forget the fresh towel because fresh towel beats ANYTHING.

2. Cooking -- for one.

I usually cater to my fiance's tastebud, and we have different kind of opinion when it comes to food. I love cheese and dairy products, he hates cheese and is a lactose intolerant. I don't consider extra hot chili as a good dinner while he likes it hotter than hell. He doesn't like sweets and bananas...well, you are what you eat and I am super sweet, so...

Cooking for myself is easy, I would just throw whatever leftover into one giant pot of awesomeness that is usually a butter rice, fried rice, mac and cheese, or even soups. And I don't have to worry about putting 'too much cheese'. And then I'll eat them while watching hells kitchen and imagine I was there. That kinda works for me.

3. Phone a Friend that is Single and/or always complains about saturday night

I have this one particular bestfriend who got my best interest at heart because, not only he was a victim of domestic partnership abuse for years, he's also very single and happens to fall in love with all the wrong chick all the time. So I ring up the phone, say hi and we're going to talk for hours, usually about work and nonsensical shit that happens in our daily life. This has go on from my college years, so we kinda have each other on saturday night, even before my fiance is in the picture.

4. Go Shopping, and if you're broke, Shop for someone else!

I recently helps my friend on visual merchandising for his store and to do some curating and shopping for him. Who doesn't love a good old retail therapy? But here's the catch; they only work when you got a dozen of dime in your pocket to spend carelessly. I did, however, find a way to get around this. First call a meddlesome female friend who usually happens to be single, ask her if she wants to go shopping, go shopping together and put on lots of clothes ON HER, not on you. You get the good feeling of the shopping, yet you don't have to pay, and your friends got new clothes. good one, ah?

5. Troll on social media

This is my favorite thing to do on saturday night especially when I'm alone. One of my bestfriend had this game where he would go on facebook and find angry status message then commented on them saying "i know it's my fault and i'm sorry". This is pure genius, if not pure evil. Watch the hilarity ensues from that comment. 

I personally doesn't go for facebook. Have you guys heard about SECRET? It's a social media that is available on iOS and android. The idea is you post anonymously and anonymous people which was nearby would comment and like those posts. Kinda like facebook except it's full on anonymous. The worst thing about SECRET (or actually people's Secret post near me) is sometimes people posted nasty things like finding "friends with benefit" or straight on asking for sexual relievers in the form of chat sex, pics and so on. I have to admit they gave me creepers sometimes, but I did troll them in the funniest way possible in the form of the stupidest comment you could ever imagine. 

well, that's my take for my saturday night. any idea what could I do for the next saturday night? 
just kidding. I know this blog hasn't have a reader yet. But still, have a nice day!

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