How to Pass the Time #001 - Guilty Pleasure(s) in the form of Reality TV

Before I started on blabbering all my love and adoration to Lisa Vanderpump; I would like to describe how difficult it is to pass the tim...

Before I started on blabbering all my love and adoration to Lisa Vanderpump; I would like to describe how difficult it is to pass the time without my fiance around. We've been doing things together for months and suddenly, BAM! He's away for work and I'm stuck trying to figure out my life (which revolves around one social circle to another, like seriously, waking up and go to brunch with someone is a part of my daily job). It's so easy when I'm out with my friends or my co-worker, I just kept myself busy for hours and time passed, but when I'm back home I suddenly found out that time goes by so slowly that I could slept for ten minutes and felt like I've been sleeping for eight hours.

So then I was inspired to write my passing time activities which is a lot. I've been preparing myself for my GRE, my TOEFL tests, my current family businesses--which includes brunch/dinner with a lot of people, and.... REALITY TV.

Yes everybody, i have a reality TV guilty pleasures, just like everyone else in the world. Mine came every Tuesday and Monday in form of Bravo reality shows called Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and its very own spin-off; Vanderpump Rules. Now, both of this shows hasn't really transpired on Indonesian citizen (and hasn't been heard even on young adult magazines), but I think if they decided on buying the rights and air it here, they will have a quite high rating, considering the drama and the beautiful scenery of Beverly Hills and beyond. And boy, aren't we Indonesian loves our fair share of drama? 

I'm kidding, I hate Indonesian television as much as I hate being away from my fiance. While it was filled with botox-injected celebutantes, faux-pas socialite, low budget TV dramas, boring soap operas and slapstick comedy shows, we have to admit that sometimes we have our little 'thing' with the black box --or black screen, if you have LED/LCD TV (in which I don't. Mine exploded after 20 hours playing assassins creed non-stop. Don't even ask why). Like, however I hate slapstick or crude humor I can't stop tuning in my TV to one of the most funny (yet stupid) slapstick comedy shows every night and laugh. Or how I can't stop watching the Indonesian version of Hells Kitchen--which looks nothing like the Ramsay's version. Or how I can't stop watching late night car reviews and wonder why all TV shows involved amazing car had to re-run on ungodly hours.

So yeah, I have a thing with reality TV shows. When he wasn't away, my fiance would comment on how trashy Brandi Glanville were after watching a few episodes of season five of RHOBH and comment on why I kept watching her (and sometimes secretly rooting for her, what up). He always pointed out how I admired Lisa Vanderpump to the point that every-time I was stuck in a situation I will ask myself "what would Lisa do if she's in my shoes?" --while it's a stupid thing to ask since she will never be in my shoes and I will never be in hers.

Late night kettle corn and B&R binge was my idea of passing the time. I often slept with my laptops open watching Judge Marilyn or Dr. Phil (yes, laptops because my TV is outside my room and ain't nobody got time for that). The first thing I do when I wake up at five is to cleanse my face while watching old episodes of Botched--that show, put fear of God Plastic Surgery in my heart. So then I cleanse my face and also cleans my head from my evil inner thought that keeps whispering "your nose will look way better if it's sharper", so f you inner thought.

Back to our topic, everybody have a guilty pleasures and it may sounds super corny but what are we without trash television? -- if it were considered trash at all?

My point is loud and clear, we wouldn't call it trash if there were qualities in it. And by calling them trash, we raised our standards for those producers and network station, especially for cables. I ain't paying no dime for this piece of crap, but unfortunately, Indonesian TV network came free and we don't have cables at home, so yeah, we can't complain. But sometimes, trash is addicting. Like junk foods and auto tunes. We crave for more because somehow they're addicting and had a catch into it.

Sure, some of the shows I watched look scripted as hell and I don't want to put words on those producers' mouth but after watching one too many re-run of The Hills, I can safely say I'm a reality TV expert by now. And by expert, I watch a lot of shows that shouldn't be watched by any sane human being--like Starter Wives, who the hell watch Starter Wives? I did. Religiously. Or those shows where they portrayed a lavish life of Preachers' families and how the jetsetting around town in their ferraris. Or those shows where they show you how to hunt ducks.

Not to mention, some of the shows I watched could invoke hatred and racist commentaries or even worse, inciting child pornography. I have to be really selective with the content I take with a grain of salt and so far if I can conclude stereotypes of each nation in the world based on their Reality TV, I wouldn't have something good to say about it.

Peter Pomerantsev said in his book Nothing is True and Everything Possible, that he had a really hard time putting positive content on Russian reality TV he produced because in fact, reality is very bitter. And those bitterness equals lower rating because there's two thing people want to watch in televisions; either it's happily ever after or it's always been happy from day one. So I have those insight to Russian television industry. But to Indonesian and american and britain television industries? My comments won't be as civil.

If I could name stereotypes of one country based on the reality TV shows from that country, I would be banished from the world. They said don't judge a country by its TV shows, but well, they stamps REALITY in their title. Of course it would be different if they said the show was just mere portrayal of things and were scripted--but no, it's 100% reality, it's bitter, full of drama and it's aired for the whole world to see (and judged, don't forget).

I'm a lawyer so I definitely trust nothing that I heard and only believe the halves of what I saw. I don't 100% believe that it's in fact is 100% reality. Life is full of drama but it's not full-on drama, that's two different things. And while I don't believe it's 100% reality, I still choose to tune in to my favorite guilty pleasures to pass the time.

And it worked. 

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