5 Reason to Date a Veterinarian (and the ups and downs)

My fiance is a vet. He spends most of his time at his workplace, a cute animal clinic in Palembang, Sumatera Selatan--which is literally th...

My fiance is a vet. He spends most of his time at his workplace, a cute animal clinic in Palembang, Sumatera Selatan--which is literally thousands of miles away and also in a whole different island from me. And he's the perfect date for me.

Sure, my mom will say things like; "oh but his job is to dissects animals" (which completely untrue--my mom hates animal) or "your future house will smell like a cow farm and dog turd" which also completely untrue because they have invented odor neutralizer, dog food with yucca extract and air freshener (and also ventilation). But that's how most people react to veterinarian, anyway.

Indonesian haven't completely acknowledged Veterinarian as a noble line of duty. In fact, most of Indonesian haven't acknowledged most important jobs as a noble profession. Most of Indonesian Veterinary practitioner was underpaid and overworked. Opening your own practice will be hard and expensive enough as most people valued their animal as a living doll and neglected their health--they usually not willing to pay huge amount of money for their pets. This is a dangerous situation for both of the owner and the pets themselves as they affect the environment surrounding them whenever they get sick. And trust me, owning a few dogs of my own, I've heard tons of stories about how the owner let their dog get sick for a couple of day before taking them to vets and by the time they got there it's too late. Even worse as one guy I know, had a dog that was diagnosed with rabies but unable to bring him to a vet because he doesn't want to pay for a very high price. He was bit and the dog was taken down a couple of days later.

But still, I have faith in my fiance. After all his job is to save poor and sickly animals. I don't care if we're going to live modestly for the next decades. He is one hell of a guy. And I noticed this in most of the Vet i know.

And disclaimer, I know e-Harmony released pretty much the same article, In which sometimes, I have to disagree because, well, my article is a firsthand experience of why you should date a vet. And as far as I know, everybody has their own opinion and way to handle things so I think the dating experience will be different from one vet to another. (I'm lucky I date a great one!)

1. Veterinarian is (usually) Calm, Reserved and Patient

I have to agree with e-Harmony with this one because; my dear friend, a Vet deals with a lot of furry nonsense all day long. They have to stay composed in an utter chaos while--let's say--a 27 kilograms dog who should've been vaccinated runs havoc on the clinic and try to bite everything that moves, or taking an immediate surgery for a cat that accidentally swallow a humongous amount of socks. 

while in fact it is true that they're patient when it comes to their practice, we should've been careful with the way we pushed their button. I personally think that my fiance dealt with a lot of things already in his workplace and he doesn't need me to pushed him a little further. There's that one time when I waited for like two hours to tell him that I just got Angina and need an immediate trip down the ER because he's busy working--he got so mad afterwards that I didn't actually tell him, though. 

2. You Can Communicate Non-verbally with Each Other

Our dear vets speaks human and their patients speak furry little language. Yet with some kind of touch and miracles here and there, they can diagnose what kind of things happened deep inside those furry little body. They learned to be a little more observant and sensitive to things.

My fiance, speaks the language of a normal human being and frankly, I speak woman. Most of the time we don't connect. Remember how I can always snicker at someone's bag saying "ugh, that bag could do better"? that translates as "the bag is better off with me".  As misogynistic as it sounds, us women have AN ENTIRE DIFFERENT LANGUAGE than most man. But when you date someone who is very observant; they'll somehow understand the language.

Plus I don't get to tell him when I constipated. What a truly beautiful relationship.

3. They Work Really Hard...

...Because most pet owners haven't realized how hard it is being a vet. If someone wants their ill and virus-ridden dog to heal in just minutes they should go to pet shaman and have a kabloomey magic. No. Animals doesn't show signs that they're sick until it became quite bad. It's their natural instinct. 

Veterinarians saw it all. From blood, pus, turd, anything. And they can't complain about it. I saw my fiance worked in a cow farm before we were dating. All the amount that goes into those kind of work is amazing. I never saw him complain. Not even when we're at a pig farm and it smells like hell. He just worked among cows--even though one tried to kick him in the crotch and one baby cow started to run around him. 

The downside is that he doesn't stop working to get enough rest. Working for 14 hours non stop is a regular chores for him. He also sometimes bring topic that he should have left in his office to our dinner table--and trust me, 'I just check a sample of goat feces and found a lot of worm in it' doesn't go well with your Medium Rare Sirloin Steak.

4. He is a Superman.

He is a doctor, a radiologist, a nurse, a pharmacist, a surgeon and other medical profession stuffed into one person. He also a strong person, taking care of animals weighted half of his body weight and sometimes thrice his body weight. He can't be afraid of wild animals, even with the most venomous snake in the world or even world's most ferocious feline. He had to stay strong for multiple surgeries in a day without having too-much-caffeine-tremor. He woke up every two hours to check on the leave-in patient. And he should understand animals of all kind when they have different organs, different sickness, and different way to handle them.

I mean it, if it's not a superman, I don't know what is. And from my personal experience, the only thing my fiance fears the most is something happened to me and straightening iron--it freaks him out seeing me iron my hair every morning.

5. They're grateful to see you.

Most of the vets worked long hours with our furry little friends that doesn't speak or even behave human. So, based on natural instinct, finally talking to the same species helped them to relax their mind a little bit. I know some vets who preferred to talk to animals rather than human, but trust me, finding your soulmate who are willing to listen to your day at work, cuddles you whenever you felt a little bit down, or cook for you and wait for you to come home can bring the best in everyone. 

I saw this pattern where most vets date other vets because they shared the same bond. I'm not a vet, so I have to develop a little patience to work on our relationship, mostly because of the work hours that he had. And when he's done practicing, all we can do is stare to each other eyes and comfort each other. Since now we're on long distance relationship, all I can do is sent 10 seconds clip through Line SnapMovie, or do a LINE video call and stare to our cell phone screen for hours. But I always know that he's grateful to see me. And that's what matters.

Plus, I can always say, "the duck-ter is here to see you". (Kidding. I know it's a bad pun)

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