Stuff We Think on the Toilet: Why People Go to Jerry Springer's Show

I was wondering (and probably in a stupid way), why people go to Jerry Springer's Show to confide their feelings? Is it worth the t...

I was wondering (and probably in a stupid way), why people go to Jerry Springer's Show to confide their feelings? Is it worth the time and effort to solve a life problem ludicrously while being watched by the entire nation--and the entire universe who has access to video streaming facilities

Basically, Jerry Springer show is a talkshow where they supposed to resolve conflicts. Any kind of conflicts, from your bitch is mabitch now kind of problem to KKK kind of problem. And it's actually good because I have watched the older version (where they actually sit in the talkshow studio set-ups) and see how Jerry is actually the most neutral mediator ever... but then, they changed formats and involved a firefighter pole/stripper pole, just a fold on seats and empty stage with bodyguards waiting because all the guest do is.... fight. 

Some of the episodes were as stupid as hell, usually ranging from "i'm banging my wife's bff/sister/archnemesis" to "i used to be a man". And stupidly, this show is also a platform for someone to come out! Hell I am not gay but even if I am, I will never want such a sensitive moment to be televised either!

So I did some research and find this thread on Reddit instead. The thread starter used to appear in one of those 'cheaters' episode. He said they flew him in, put him in a nice hotel for two days, give him great food and pay him US$ 300 for appearing in the show, but they changed bits and bits of the story on the air. And fun fact, it's not 100% truth either but it's not 100% lie. 

Taking this show with a grain of salt is what I do best as a professional couch potato. and as what DarpaWeenie pointed out in said Reddit Thread:
"Suppose that helped put things in perspective, if you think your own life is messed up, always someone out there with an even more messed up story. Suppose that's what makes Springer and the like so popular. You have a crappy day, turn on the tube, and watch people with really crappy lives."
Was our life turned into a web of crappy stuff that we need to watch other people deals with crappier stuff? Was it so hard to just live for yourself that you need to watch others get effed up too?

But I guess it is. We crave for our existence to be recognized by people around us, and we did that by showing material stuff, be it our beauty, our wealth, our social status, etc. Sometimes we did that to the point that we stopped being whoever we are. We looked down at the less unfortunate and sometimes we share not because of we want to share but we looked down to other people in shame, or in pity.

So let's make pact to ourselves, in order to be a better man, we should stop feeling better just because someone is feeling crappier than us. We should start feeling better because we want to feel better and we want to help those who were crappier than us.

May the Universe always guide your hands to the right place in the right time.

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