Another New Beginning

hola amigos! summer holiday is almost over and unfortunately i have some good news and some bad news. the good news is: i am accepted in ...

hola amigos! summer holiday is almost over and unfortunately i have some good news and some bad news.
the good news is: i am accepted in a grad school. I'm taking my master on healthcare law! Finally!!! after 4 years of undergraduate study majoring business law and working as a branding consultant part time I'm finally here. This is a huge step.

the bad news is: I'm not ready yet. 

Well, I mean, nobody is ready for their dreams when their dreams is about to become true. I bet Kurt Cobain wasn't ready for his stardom when he became the person who shaped grunge and the 90s. I bet Mark Zuckerberg wasn't ready when facebook became the #2 website in the face of the earth (with the #1 being google, of course).

My dream as shallow as it was started here. And it's happening right now. A very expensive dream with an equally expensive tuition. Well, it's not that I couldn't pay for grad school, fortunately I was blessed with education savings that my parents had set up for me a long time ago (and most of my pocket money and allowance goes here) since I was dreaming of Yale, but well, long story short, I decided to enrolled at my alma mater. 

Oh God I'm so nervous. 

This is like a dream, I mean well, for starter I'm the first in my family that were in law school and I probably has set some example for my younger cousins, nephews and nieces. Like, life is not just medical school and business school. I'm their role models now. If I succeed in law school, and majoring on some "hocus pocus" law they've never heard before (yes, most people doesn't know that there are healthcare law in Indonesia) chances are they will follow my footsteps. If I'm not succeeded (or at least not succeeded enough by my family ridiculous standards) well, I'll be damn for the rest of my life and let my struggle become a joke on its own.

Truth is, I don't even know what to prepare. I'm still this 22 years old that looked like a clueless highschooler. I love my baggy jeans and my comfy t-shirt that i wear for class (even though it's forbidden) but now in grad school, i don't even know how should I look like. this is killing me. I can't even plan what I'm going to wear accordingly.

Plus everything is so sudden, they just gave me the letter of acceptance last wednesday night, and next monday i'll be taking my almamater coat and have my first lecture in tuesday! 

Now, it's the end of the month and fortunately I have my leftover stationery so I don't have to buy a new one, but for those who were from outside the region, I can't imagine how they could find housings and school stuffs in less than a week (insert sad face here).

So here i am trying to figure out what to wear and what to bring and do we get an orientation week, where will i have my class, and such and such. I haven't even got my hands on a syllabus and can't predict what books to buy. 

This is it. The new chapter has just begin.

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