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I'm a sucker for everything beauty and everything cheap. My make-up collection ranged from drugstore, local brand and cheap korean br...

I'm a sucker for everything beauty and everything cheap. My make-up collection ranged from drugstore, local brand and cheap korean brand. The only thing they have in common is how I used them for daily basis, and how cheap they are. I simply don't have the kind of money to splurge on foundations and lipstick. 

One of my favorite brand is NYX. Why? Because it's cheap and good. My love for NYX knows no bound. I like brands that is accessible to everyone, and by accessible I mean they have counters set up at your make-up store and local shopping malls. Moreover, NYX's beauty assistant is more than willing to tell you which counters had the colors you want, in case they're unavailable.


Because online shopping just don't cut it for me. 

I love online shopping, but with my skintone, I had to go on thousand of reviews and swatches to find the right one and sometimes I fail. Having physical swatches and samples available for me has helped me find the right colors. 

So, having NYX counter available even in my town (which is a small town) is very helpful and I collect their products like there's no tomorrow.


Nyx eye shadow
168.365 IDR - very.co.uk

NYX eyebrow makeup
79.355 IDR - ulta.com

Nyx concealer
87.300 IDR - target.com

79.485 IDR - nyxcosmetics.com

I listed a few of my must-have! These items had been on my make-up pouch for months and even years because I kept re-purchasing. My favorite is the eyebrow powder and matte lipstick because for a matte lipstick, they have a very good formula and very easy to apply. My go to shades is MLS12 - Sierra. It's a coral-peachy shades and it suits my yellow skin perfectly.

I'm using the matte lipstick on Sierra, Brow Powder No 1 and Concealer stick to highlight my nose

If you take a look at the price, almost all of NYX products are below IDR 100.000 (USD 8) and the eyeshadow trio sold here around IDR 150.000 (USD 13). I mean, it's a bargain & for a beginner, they're not that hard to use. 

Since I'm not a make up guru, having available swatches nearby always helped me find the right shades, and in my town, the beauty assistant in NYX is always very helpful and patient. I've always tried everything before choosing one or two products that I liked. (sometimes i feel guilty if i didn't buy).

Always be careful when buying NYX's product online, because after they gained popularity, it seems that there were a few counterfeits sold online and at shady shopping strip counters. Always buy from respectable sources or directly on their counter.

Now tell me, which NYX product did you like??

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