(The Big Day) Part 001 - Prewedding Pictures

I know I should've post these a few months ago, but Alfa & I promised to kept it a secret--well, not so secret as our friends and...

I know I should've post these a few months ago, but Alfa & I promised to kept it a secret--well, not so secret as our friends and family might've already seen the picture--but to put it on public space is on another level. 

So here it is. The big news: 

We're Married!

Okay, not important lah. But the point is, we're married and I'm too stressed out/lazy/both to blog about it.
But for you, I'm going to share the detail. Yes, I'm going to teach you how to save and skimp and fight for your wedding. 

part one first: our prewedding pictures. 

I have a hard time believing someone will taking my picture in the right angle that makes me looks less like angry mak lampir and more like Gigi Hadid. Problem is: i'm not pretty. Second problem is: my fiance is far more thinner than me. 

third problem is: budget.

I can't believe how expensive it is to get your pre-wedding pictures taken properly. Some asks for payment for more than 12 Million rupiahs (around USD 1000). The cheapest one I can get offers only few hours of photoshoot for 4 Million Rupiahs (around USD 350). 

So, became the frugal girl i've always been, i seek for budget options and find out about Retina Production. They are my juniors from law school (in which I used to taught them how to edit pictures) and based on Yogyakarta--although they're more than willing to work on neighboring towns. 

I lived by this rule when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. But then, the results is astonishingly beautiful. They also adjust their equipments to your needs and budget and were open to consultations. Expensive photographers doesn't always guarantee they'll produce great pictures. In the end, it comes to the chemistry between the object (which is, yours truly) and the one who took the pictures. 

I was able to book a whole day session and scheduled the photoshoot to be held in two places: The Kwaru Beach and Sindu Kusuma Edupark. Anyway the entrance fee for the beach is free since it's one of those virgin beach without much exposure and the Edupark fee were around IDR 500.000 including transit hall, private entrance, free tickets for two person and free entrance for 8 photographers (I only bring 3. My entourage is not that big, we even fit the whole team + properties in my city car)

kudos for Retina productions!
All picture taken by Retina Productions Team
Make Up Artist by Shibuya by New Topsy
Edited by Retina Productions & Me

The engagement ring shot. Notice how alfa's ring is hollow? His gemstone was swallowed by a dog. Part of his job, I guess. 

Alfa and I wasn't too comfortable being too cheeky weeky in front of the camera, so this picture is actually very candid. We were fooling around most of the time in front of the camera, and the photographers were devastated because we're incapable of producing romanticism. Too bad, lol. 

this one shot I actually said to him that he looks very thin that his cheeks is hollow. turns out also very romantic. 

this is one of those pictures that i retouched myself, because I look really fat in this picture. I know, don't judge me. I look very miserable that I have to thin out everything and whitens my teeth. I have a stained teeth due to prolonged use of antibiotics and I seek the dental cosmetic help of Adobe Photoshop. 

Old shoes and chalkboard, very vintage-y feeling, in which I work hard to achieve. BTW notice the needs of orthopedics correction in our feet? 

sitting in this grass is the worst possible decisions i've ever made in my entire life. I hate it so much because it stings my rear, and oh, the entire photographer teams pulled the grass prank on me by kept saying the picture isn't done yet to payback for all the commotions i made when I got sugar rush. Nice one!

My only wishes is to look significantly thinner, and I thought they hadn't figure it out yet. Turns out, they do and in this picture my legs looks like a #lifegoal (at least for me!)

another nice picture of the prolonged leg and my favorite book. The sky is clear blue at the moment, thank God.

also one of the photos i retouch on my own. You know, to trim my waist and more. too bad i botched the background. It's still unfinished at the moment but my eyelashes game is strong with this one. 

and last but not least, a behind the scene shoot when I played bumper car. Alfa hit my car pretty hard and I think I sprained my shoulder a little. It's already dark outside and is around 7PM already, so imagine how tired I was. But nonetheless, it was fun. Also, please excuse my big tummy.

I must say i'm very happy and pleased with the service Retina has offered me. I even re-hired them as my wedding ceremonial videographer & photographer!

If you're in Yogyakarta and wants to find a personal videographer/photographer or even a graphic designer they also offered their various range of service. Simply contact them on:

instagram // email // Line ID: ganesh.anggara

And nope, this post isn't sponsored (although this classified as an ads). I'm just a very happy customer and although I'm their friend but they stay very professional (they even woke up earlier than me and I started make up at 5AM).

So this is the first part of our wedding journey. Stay tune for more on our wedding journey!

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