Semarang Escapades: A Photo Journal

Sometimes, when we got bored, we fill up our gas tank and ride into the neighboring town. Semarang is a perfect getaway for us. Located a...

Sometimes, when we got bored, we fill up our gas tank and ride into the neighboring town. Semarang is a perfect getaway for us. Located around 108 km away from our town, in just 2-3 hours drive depending on the traffic, we escaped the hustle and bustle of Jogja, into the heart of central java.

Relaxing at any coffee-shop, venturing on antique markets and chinatown, or even praying at a temple is a must on your to-do list. Life is short. Take some pictures and have fun. 

with love, 

location: spiegel, kota lama
recommended activities: taking pictures

the cafe is filled with photographers and models, everyone is taking pictures. the drink is quite nice, but the food is a little bland in flavor. my double burgers were a little overcook but it's a decent food considering the price.

maybe if you're uncomfortable being in a hip-place like me (I'm an old soul!), you should just take a seat near the window, bring a distraction--a book, gaming console or a date, perhaps--and get lost in the atmosphere.


location: gereja blenduk (and surroundings)
recommended activites: if you are a christian, pray.
if you're not, do take time to admire this architectural gem

The church is fully functioned until now (and it is something to admire because it was built in the colonial era), all the roads around it were paved beautifully. I love how the dome shaped and how the windows reflect classic dutch church. Maybe because architecture nowadays often focused on futuristic/minimalistic approach? I don't know. I love this building. I love the old town.


location: Pagoda Avalokitesvara, Watugong
Recommended Activities:  Praying
Or just admire, catch your breath and thank the lord for this magnificent place, enjoy the peaceful surroundings, reflect on your behavior then go home a new person

I actually enjoy the atmosphere here. It's so serene yet there's something very grand going on. It's beautiful, warm, inviting and yet comforting. Maybe it's heaven calling because they want the little rascal back? I don't know. 


location: Cimory on The Valley, Ungaran
Recommended Activities: Visit "the farm" and  buy some milk... or chocolate. It's delicious

i'm a fan of everything dairy and cimory is my refrigerator staple. Their yogurts and milks are surprisingly cheap and good, that I can't go on a weekly shopping without a nice bottle of mix fruits yogurt or soy milk or banana milk--whichever was in my fridge. So, it's just made sense that I *NEED* to visit this place whenever I'm in Semarang. Located a few kilos outside the city, in the valley of Ungaran, it's a good family outing place. Pay an additional 10k and you can visit their farm and enjoy free milk.


of course life will never be completed without saying your gratitudes to people who made this trip possible.

to my beloved husband, thank you for driving me here, and enjoying our short-but-sweet getaway. 

to my beloved camera, thank you for taking a great picture eventhough your auto focus is broken. 

to my car, what would I do without you?

and to you, thank you for wasting your precious time in this post. may the odds be in your favor. 


PS: this trip's vlog is also available on youtube, in bahasa Indonesia. if you're interested to waste your time even further, please click play below. thank you!

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