The Chair Drama Part 001

chair drama by agishiteru featuring a floral chair Floral chair 1.319.620 IDR - Geometric chair 6.189.6...

chair drama

Floral chair
1.319.620 IDR -

Geometric chair
6.189.630 IDR -

I have to admit i don't have that good of a chair in my house, so therefore, me & alfa were stuck with a few low quality counter stools my father bought me as a housewarming gift. the stools is made from plastic and very prone to falling because it really can't support people's weight. Plus it's very small and uncomfortable. I fell twice while sitting in that stool and it requires some kind of balancing-and-sitting skill, that made sitting there--working and editing had become some sort of yoga practice. 

so, instead of buying a good quality chair, we decided to call it a truce with the chair and work in our couch instead. Remember, our couch is my childhood couch/emergency bed and it's already old and worn out. After a while, sitting in our couch had become some kind of struggle and power play of whom can kick the other out of the sofa. 

And it had came to this: we work in my 3 meter square bedroom, along with my TV set and my single bed, sharing spaces like we lived in a half apartment bedroom. And it kinda is a half apartment bedroom. 

Today, we realized that we had to stop living like we don't have a living spaces. We have living spaces, but we just haven't realized yet that we had so much living spaces out there. We stop living in our home and retreat to our bedroom, and we should utilize our shared work/living spaces. 

And we should start with...

finding a good chair. and probably a sofa.
fingers cross, we'll found it.

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