(The Big Day) Part 002 - Bridesmaids Favor (...and Drama!)

"Hey, {insert name here} I've found my man, but i still need my girls, will you be my bridesmaids?" - almost all the pre-...

"Hey, {insert name here} I've found my man, but i still need my girls, will you be my bridesmaids?" - almost all the pre-made bridesmaids card

is probably the common words you will read on a card during wedding preparation stages if you're lucky to be one. But my card... well, they're slightly different.

Let me tell you one thing, I choose my bridesmaids based on how we became friends--I am not the popular type that belongs in a group full of girls. Being raised among the boys and work among the men, i am the tomboy-ish type that has more guy friends than girl friends. 

Also, I can't easily bond with girls just by shopping and walking and having coffee. Girls can be very catty sometimes and being in my world, I simply doesn't tolerate cattiness (why are we hanging out if we actually wanted to slit each other's throat?)

But still, i have a few trustworthy ones. And with my wedding being in Jogja, i have to pre-select my girls carefully so it won't hurt their schedule if they're helping me with the wedding.

So, here's the girls. My maid of honor Amalia/Almaz, Stephanie, Dita & Nathalia. Actually, there's one more that I haven't mentioned. Her name is Vika and she helped me from the starts, but just 60 hours before the wedding started, she got a bad flu and can't attend. Natha then took her place (she bought her dresses right away after i texted her! I love her so much)

YES, they actually helps plan the wedding, scouts for the dresses, run errands and so on. This is not the typical bridesmaids that just stand there waiting for photo-time while the brides and the family are working hard to plan the wedding, they actually work REALLY hard for my wedding.

In Javanese traditional wedding, the concept and placement of a bridesmaids are very minimal. Most of the time, they're just welcoming the guest or even not doing anything at all. They're just wearing the uniformed party attire and taking pictures. But since mine is a traditional western-style wedding, my bridesmaids are actually part of the journey.

And here goes my utmost respect and gratitude. Girls, you've outdone yourself. 

So, being really frugal, I decided to make the bridesmaids favor myself!
Well, with a little (actually, it's huge) help here and there.

So, i'm going to be honest with you. I worked on this boxes for like... 10 minutes? And forget to snap a picture since I was busy managing my work and final exam. So, i edited this blurry pic that I send to my spouse and thank you God for cloud computing because I spent like 10 minutes digging into my iCloud Photos before I found them. 

Anyway, there's a funny story behind those boxes. My maid of honor, Almaz, said there's two color that will suite my wedding: the first being pastel yellow, and the second one being mint. I discussed them with Dita during one fateful lunch, and she said yellow will make everyone look like a canary. So, we off with mint instead.

We bought the material for the dresses so the girls can tailored them to their likings. And since it is a garden party and they're running errands, the dresses were short and comfortable. I love how every dresses represents their style. 

With materials being bought, me & dita were thinking how should we shipped the fabrics and the cards. She came up with a very bright idea of using cheap plastic bags because there's no use to splurge on packaging (I, of course flatly refuse to be a blatant cheapskate). Then we came up with the idea of using cardboard boxes which is very cheap and can be reused.

I get my boxes at KadoKita, which is a one-stop-shop for gifts and gift packaging service. They're very cheap with only IDR 23.000 a box (around USD 2) and was made with very good material, but the only downside is the boxes were stacked in random manner and categorized by the color.

So, Dita, being very awesome/curious/hard-working, she tear the whole mint cupboard down to find 4 boxes with the right size and the right texture. She literally gone through every stashes of boxes, three huge cupboards and basically every mint boxes they have in store. She even won't stop when I said we didn't really need the boxes to be made from the same textured paper. 

She's awesome. 

Now, with the boxes all sorted out, I just need to print my card. And rather than going to a printshop, I print them myself using my trustworthy canon printer and some random pink paper that I found on my paper-stashes.

Working in an branding agency for four years had made me realized how important paper is to a card. You can make pretty cards but if the paper don't match the design, It will ruin the whole atmosphere. 
So, I took the liberty of stashing leftovers papers from every projects I made, and realized that hoarding papers is actually useful.

(Yes, I hoard sample papers, don't judge me)

Even if you don't have sample papers lying around handy, you can also buy fancy papers on your nearest arts and craft store or stationery shop. Around Jogja we have TokoMerah, Gramedia and Toko Pembantu come in handy. 

picture taken from here

Toko Merah always won my heart because it's really cheap. But then, you have to know the right paper, because you have to ask the shopkeeper for specific name of paper or they will confuse the living hell out of you. But then, once you get the right paper, it'll be worth it. 

PS: i didn't know much about paper too, so, whenever I needed some paper, I sampled every fancy paper they have. It took me around 45 minutes to figure out which paper works the best. My shopkeeper had been really kind and patient, although there were instances when I buy pens and they're mistaking size 0.3 pen with size 30 pen (and they insists. hmpft.)

btw if you're looking for the watercolor skull picture, I get them from Freepik. They have tons of amazing free vector and other designs resources. You just have to credit them whenever possible (notice the little logo under the skull?)

Freepik has helped me going through all my wedding design without worrying about drafting a whole new concept. We loved it because it's easy and simple and doesn't require a lot of things to work. Basically, it's the most amazing site in the world if you are into simple and non-commercial design. 

To personalized each card, I wrote their menial and petty task on the card. It also serves as a running joke because Dita & Vika used to insist that wedding gowns with long tails will suites me the most (and it looks way more glamorous) BUT THEN IT'S A GARDEN PARTY and who will hold my dress when I need to pee?

Don't hold your pee, guys. Been there, done that, not going to do it again.

And then, da-duuum. Packing time! I cut a simple sticker so that I didn't messed up which package is for who. But then, it is awesome and I like how it turned out (and you might not--but i don't care, because i made it)

for me, the favors represent how thankful I am to them. And as they were working hard for me, I want to show a little gesture that I personally am willing to work harder for them. That's why i'm working on it myself. The gesture would be different if it were coming from someone else's hand, because they didn't understand the bond between me and the girls.

And even though we came from different circle of friends, but we're working together seamlessly just fine! For example, Almaz is my friend for the longest time since we already know each other from elementary school and Steph is my business partner slash mentor slash best friend who introduces me to blogging and we've been hanging out for 6-7 years already! Dita is my friend for 2-3 years from college and Vika is my dorm mate. Natha is my best friend's girlfriend and although we haven't known each other for the longest time, she had been very kind and warm and pleasant to hang out with. Plus, she has the best culinary reference whenever we hang around town.

This is from Stephanie's Instagram (she also have an awesome blog, follow her!). She took a stunning pic of the box once it arrived! Even though the inside is just the fabric and some cards, I'm very grateful she looks so happy and posted it to her instagram.

After all, the most important thing is I'm happy that they're willing to be a part of my journey. Since i haven't got my official wedding pictures' copy, I stole one from Almaz's phone.

And after all, I've found my happy bunch. You know what? The cards are right, although I've found my man, I still need my girls. And here I am when they need me.

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